Jobs after MDS Periodontics

A career as a Periodontist is an extremely rewarding and fulfilling profession. It gives you the opportunity to pursue a career as a clinical practitioner, an academician and a researcher .



The main challenge a Periodontist faces would be to improve the prognosis and optimise the aesthetics of the teeth. This can be achieved by the various surgical modalities such as flap surgery, guided tissue regeneration debone grafting techniques, periodontal plastic surgeries , LASER assisted surgeries, ridge augmentation  and Implants



Periodontics as a subject is taught in the third and final years of the BDS course and is a 3 year full time degree program for post graduates. Ample jobs are available across all dental colleges the country and abroad ( depending on whether the degree is recognised by the respective country). As a mainstay of dental treatment the opinion of a Periodontist is highly sought after both academically and professionally.



Periodontics is a constantly evolving feel with paradigm shifts in concepts over the years. Research in Periodontics is considered to be of the highest quality when compared to other specialities. Most of the top dental journal belong to the field of Periodontics.