Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D Periodontics)

Dr. N.D. Jayakumar and Dr. Sheeja Varghese are our most experienced faculty in the Department of Periodontics, guiding various Ph.D students over the past few years. Two of our faculty are currently pursuing their Ph.Ds with Saveetha University.

Fellowship in Periodontics

We offer a one-year full-time Fellowship in Periodontics and comprises of didactic and clinical sessions. The course aims to equip the general dentist with the knowledge  and skills required to diagnose periodontal diseases.


Post Graduate Program: Master in Dental Surgery (M.D.S. Periodontics)

The M.D.S. Periodontics program began in 2000 with an annual intake of 3 post-graduates. The 36-month program includes clinical, academic as well as training in research.

Undergraduate Program: Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S.)

Training in Periodontics begins in the first year of B.D.S. with an introduction to the subject that is covered in the Fundamentals of Dentistry, Dental Armamentarium and Practice Management. The core subject is taught in the fourth year of the program and includes training in clinical skills, academic content and research work.