The student becomes the teacher...

One of our greatest strengths is the constant support an feedback we get from our former students who have gone on to become beacons of academic and clinical excellence themselves. Here's what they have to say...

Dr. Amarinder Reddy 

I am thankful to all faculty members especially Dr. Jayakumar, Dr. Padmalatha  and Dr. Sheeja, my batch mates and fellow PGs . We were very lucky to have such a down to earth professors, who gave us complete freedom and guidance to perform procedures. This attitude was very encouraging. The one thing that sets its apart from the other institutions is college OP numbers which are incomparable. With which you can step into the outer world with full confidence. I am a professor nowand I have been to college as external examinar couple of times, still I regret why I didn't do UG here...


Dr. Richa Kapoor

I take this opportunity to thank my teachers from Department of periodontology at  Saveetha University. It is because of you that I stand holding my head high, I cannnot help but bow down to the teachers who made me what I am today. The department has always been like a big family and the guides and teachers help you not to grown only academically but as a WHOLE. After completing my MDS from Saveetha University, I was so confident to not only treat patients but also conduct my own courses. I owe this to my teachers, who pushed me always to aspire for the BEST. LEARNING HERE HAS GIVEN A WHOLE NEW MEANING TO MY LIFE!!

Dr. Kritika jangid

One word that I have learn from Saveetha is 'GROWTH'. My association at Saveetha Dental College began in 2007 when I joined BDS as an enthusiastic teenager not having a clue of how I would turn out to be at the end of 5 years. However at the end of BDS, I had no second thoughts but to join the same college for post grad. Today after successfully completing MDS (Periodontology) from Saveetha Dental College under the guidance of my guide Dr. N. D. Jayakumar and Dr. Sheeja Varghese, I stand at an edge from the rest of my fellowmates from other colleges. The teaching begins right from the basics and in an attempt to reach the horizon, we are taught the most advanced clinical treatments. Various procedures that were a common thing in our college like performing Sinus lift surgeries for implant placements are so uncommon when I hear from my fellowmates from other colleges. Dr. Deepak Nallaswamy- what he has taught us is to run and keep running thriving for excellence and betterment. He has taken out so much talent from each student under him that the student never knew he/ she had before. With the best and the most advanced of technologies I have always been proud that my college has been the number 1 in so many fields,be it in the clinical front or in the academic front. The college promotes a wonderful learning atmosphere that every body wants to learn and has a healthy competition with his/ her batchmates. Today as an alumni, I would proudly like to comment that what I am today would definitely not have been possible if my education had not been from the best intuition- Saveetha Dental College. I would like to thank each and every staff of Saveetha Dental College who has promotes to my growth.