Case of the Month

Periosteal eversion technique for the root coverage of Miller's Grade III recession in 31 and 41


pre op 3.jpg

Pre-operative image

Miller's Grade III recession seen in relation to 31 and 41 with inadequate width of attached gingiva.

suturing done.jpg


Coronal advancement of the flap to cover the recession defect held in place with vicryl sutures..

periosteal eversion .jpg

Eversion of periosteum

Partial thickness flap elevated and periosteum everted towards the lingual aspect.

Prf placed.jpg

graft placement

Corticotomy of alveolar bone to allow incorporation of bone graft. PRF membrane adapted to hold the graft in place and act as a barrier.

periosteal closure.jpg

periosteal closure

The periosteum is everted back to the labial aspect to cover the graft and PRF membrane and the flap is approximated.